Standard Anchor - Black

Standard Anchor - Black

  • 1 500 kr
Tax included.

50% of the profits goes to the non-profit organization Hemlö

This watch is in the standard format with a metallic gold finish.

On the front of the watch is an anchor printed, an image that symbolizes the stability that you give to people in homelessness, the type of stability that the homeless people wants and longs for.

On the back is the Homeless Flag etched into the metal.

By wearing this wristwatch you show that you support the homeless people and that you give, and want to give, the stability that people needs.

  • Motivation
  • When you buy a wristwatch from Made by Homeless, you contribute to the fight against homelessness in our society. You also improve the conditions for the most exposed.
  • Buying and wearing this watch contributes to raising the awareness about homelessness. Every sold watch helps to improve the day to day lives of the most exposed people.
  • Puts the homeless people to work and gives you the opportunity to directly help the homeless.
  • The profit does not go to fill rich mens pockets, where the rich gets richer, but to create a better world for those that needs it the most.
  • You can give a watch as a gift to someone as a fantastic present that shows that you care.
  • You will get a trendy and great looking watch that fits people in all ages, and in good quality 👍