We are committed to support the fight against homelessness through
creative innovations and products

Made by Homeless was started by the same people that runs the non-profit organization Hemlösa.se. A large portion of the profits made on this website is donated to Hemlösa.se in order to fight poverty, homelessness and orphan children.

50% of the profits made through Made by Homelss goes to the non-profit organization Hemlösa.se. Kavian Ferdowsi, the founder of Hemlösa.se and a former homeless, is the creator of the trademark Made by Homeless.

Food giveaway at the Homeless Culturehouse in Sweden.
Note the leader of the V political party

Free breakfast for the homeless, every day at 6:30 am.
Organized by
Hemlösa.se in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hemlösa.se is the organizer of the Homeless International Prize which is given to a few heroes for the homeless, every year.


  • This website, Made by Homeless, is run by the swedish company Toppare AB. The counterpart in all purchases made through this website is Toppare AB. The company started 2017 and we have headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • The company VAT ID is: SE559134316401


  • Hemlösa.se is a tax exempted swedish non-profit organization.
    Hemlösa.se has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and has org number 802488-2873.
    The organization has the formal name "Homeless Foundation". 

  • Hemlösa.se is in close collaboration with Toppare.

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