Everything in Made by Homeless is either designed, constructed, packaged, or transported by the homeless or someone who has previously been homeless.

We work in close collaboration with the non-profit organization Hemlösa.se

Products from us works as fantastic gifts and an encourangement

Made by Homeless contributes to the fight against homelessness and poverty

  • Wearing these products contributes to the raising awareness about homelessness.
  • These products puts the homeless people to work and gives them the stability that they long for – a job
  • We work in close collaboration with the non profit organization Hemlösa.se
    where some of all revenue goes directly go to the homeless.

  • Hemlösa.se provides the homeless with food, shelter, clothes and other basic needs.
  • Made by Homeless provides with jobs and a hope, through your support.
Homeless man holding a coffee and wristwatch
Homeless man holding wristwatch

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